Alternative School Portrait Photography

A school portrait service with a different approach

I offer completely different results when it comes to school portrait photography. I allow parents to see the true personality of their child in the natural setting of their school day, while still giving the school that standard student portrait needed for the school records. Stale and over posed school pupil photographs can become dated and cringemaking. With a relaxed, enthusiastic and honest style, I have the loveliest of skills that allows school children to be relaxed and calm around me which means I can get to know them quickly, enough to bring out their real smiles, without the need to "say cheese!".

The traditional way of photographing children one at a time, and disrupting the school day, is a huge task and can create tension resulting in stiff and overly-posed school photographs. Using an class activity or lesson as the backdrop, rather than a traditional sky, brings out the natural beauty of children, creating images and portraits that are timeless, natural and above all a great representation of who the child is, and what their personality is about. As you can see from my photos there is nothing staged or unnatural about them.


I will provide them with enough photos of their child to ensure they are happy, and the school will receive a standard portrait for their records.

There will be different packages for different budgets ranging from a full print of each photo of their child, to printed books, to laptop and phone wallpaper digital downloads. 

Each package will be provided with no expense to the school and the school day should be able to run as normal with only small and short disruptions relative to the usual portraiture photography sessions where children have to line up in the dinner hall and wait their turn.

School Plays, reading time, sports day, painting, pottery classes, science experiments, question answering, field study and any other group lesson will provide me with all the subject matter I'll need. This can be spread over a number of days and fit in with the schools curriculum.

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All my non-portrait work is available to purchase through my online shop. Please visit or contact me to enquire about professionally printed, framed artwork.