Packages for Family & Child Photography

Choose the service you need for your budget

Supreme Alternative Family Photography £900

A full day of photography from start to finish. Whatever you are comfortable with including meal times, getting ready to go out; for a walk, play park or beauty spot, visiting grand parents, watching the trains or simply having fun in the living room. I will take stunning photographs of you as individuals and as a group. You'll end up with a set of over 200 high quality images including [LIST PRODUCTS HERE].

Deluxe Alternative Family Photography £550

A 4 hour photograph session with 2-3 agreed activities. This can be in your home and places within your local area. A great way to get some relaxed and candid photos of your family. I will take around 80 high quality photos and portraits including siblings and parents, as well as the whole family and any other groupings. You will also receive [LIST PRODUCTS HERE].

Event Alternative Family Photography £250

This will be a specific event or shoot based around one particular place or activity such as birthday party, relaxing together, playing in the park baking a cake and having tea or simply getting about your daily routines. I will provide around 30 high quality portraits and photographs from around 90 minutes. You will also receive [LIST PRODUCTS HERE].

New Born Baby Portrait Photography £250

For up to 2 hours I will spend as much time as is comfortable for you taking as many portraits as I can get including mum and baby, dad and baby, parents and baby, siblings and baby as well as the whole family You will get around 50 high quality photographic images. You will also receive [LIST PRODUCTS HERE].

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